Stand-Up for New York Business



Tell New York State policymakers that supporting business is paramount to re-opening our economy!

For far too long, costly taxes, and a burdensome regulatory mandates have made New York State less competitive.  The resulting effect has been the loss of businesses and jobs to other states, a smaller workforce, and a lack of business growth opportunities.

Enough is enough.

New York State needs to reverse this trend and become a more businesses-friendly state.

Now, more than ever, with a one-party rule, it is becoming easier for lawmakers to pass harmful, anti-business mandates.  Help us raise awareness to several outstanding bills that would adversely impact New York State employers.

The message is simple.

New York’s businesses are in recovery mode, and adding more unnecessary burdens is counterproductive.

Join our fight today!

Make a contribution towards our advocacy efforts and help let the New York State Legislature know that supporting business is paramount to reopening our economy. Included with your contribution you will receive timely updates on what The Business Council is doing to advocate for New York’s employers.

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