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#StandUpforNYBusiness is an advocacy campaign that shows we at The Business Council are serious about protecting jobs.

Tell New York State policymakers that supporting business is paramount to economic growth!

For far too long, costly taxes, and burdensome regulatory mandates have made New York State less competitive. The resulting effect has been the loss of businesses and jobs to other states, a smaller workforce, and a lack of business growth opportunities. Now, as the makeup of the New York State legislature changes and their actions become more precarious than ever, this is a critical time for New York State to reverse this trend and become a more businesses-friendly state.

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New York State Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Study Task Force
S.8136 (Sanders) / A.9507 (Vanel)
Joseph Alston
Enables students to receive information from colleges and universities without disclosing their…
Crystal Griffith
“Indirect Source Review” program for Warehouses
S.2127-C (Gianaris) and A.1718-B (Mitaynes)
Ken Pokalsky
New York Health Information Privacy Act
A.4983-C (Rosenthal)
Paul Zuber

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