S.1012B (Cooney) / A.539B (Burgos)


Director of Government Affairs


S.1012B (Cooney) / A.539B (Burgos)


Establishes a framework for the regulation and integration of autonomous vehicles (AVs) into the state.



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The Business Council of New York State firmly supports S.1012B (Cooney) / A.539B (Burgos), which establishes a comprehensive framework for the regulation and integration of autonomous vehicles (AVs) into our state. This legislation represents a pivotal step towards ensuring the safe and responsible deployment of AV technology in New York, and we wholeheartedly endorse its passage.

As the largest employer association in New York State, representing a diverse spectrum of businesses and industries, we recognize the transformative potential of AV technology in advancing safety, mobility, and economic growth. With the rapid advancement of autonomous vehicle technology, we firmly believe that establishing clear and effective regulations is crucial for the successful integration of AVs into our transportation system.

Presently, New York State is one of the only major states that lacks a regulatory pathway for the successful commercial deployment of AVs. Embracing AV technology extends beyond mere progress; it represents tangible solutions to enhance safety and accessibility for all residents. AVs have the potential to substantially reduce traffic accidents and fatalities by eliminating human error, a primary cause of accidents on our roads today. Additionally, AVs hold promise in improving transportation options for vulnerable populations, including seniors, people with disabilities, and the vision impaired. By providing safe and reliable transportation alternatives, AVs can enhance mobility and independence, thereby fostering a more inclusive and equitable society.

In addition, the embracing of AV technology wouldn’t just welcome innovation, but it would allow the state to invest in its economic future. The adoption of AV technology stands to stimulate job growth, drive economic development, and solidify New York's position as a leader in technological innovation. The development and deployment of AVs will create opportunities for research, manufacturing, and service industries, generating high-quality jobs and driving economic growth across the state. We encourage lawmakers to make New York State “AV Friendly” by allowing companies to research, develop, and deploy their technologies here, tapping into New York’s talent and workforce to get the job done. 

For these reasons stated above, The Business Council of New York State supports the passage of S.1012B (Cooney) / A.539B (Burgos), which allows for the regulation and integration of autonomous vehicles (AVs). We urge the Legislature to vote in support of this legislation and work collaboratively with stakeholders to develop the AV industry. This is our opportunity to foster new ideas and economic growth across New York state.