Issue in a Minute

Issue in a Minute

The 'Issue in a Minute' video segment analyzes various pieces of legislation or policies The Business Council has an advocacy interest in.


Unemployment Insurance Debt


New York State employers face a $9 billion tax burden as they are on the hook to replenish the state's Unemployment Insurance Fund. If the state does not help pay the bill, all the money will come from employers of all sizes and be a burden for over a decade.



Educational Equity in New York State

The Business Council of New York State, Inc. strongly supports S.1111-A (Liu) / A.4407-A (Peoples-Stokes) which would expand access to advanced courses in order to improve educational equity in New York State. This legislation would enable more students of color, students who are low-income, and other historically under-served groups of students to enroll and succeed in advanced middle and high school courses that will prepare them for college, careers, and civic engagement.

Twenty-First Century Anti-Trust Act


The Business Council strongly opposes S.933-A (Gianaris) / A.1812-A (Dinowitz), which would replace New York’s antitrust laws with the most anti-consumer and anti-competitive law in the nation and perhaps the industrialized world; making New York a global outlier to the detriment of all New Yorkers.


Essential Plan Undocumented Coverage


The Business Council strongly supports S.1572-A (Rivera)/A.880-A (Gottfried), which would allow people currently ineligible for federal financial participation because of immigration status to buy health insurance under New York’s Essential Health program.



Sealed Records Bill


The Business Council of New York State, the state’s leading statewide business and industry association, supports S.1553-C (Myrie) / A.6399-B (Cruz) and budget bill S.8005, Part AA which would automatically seal certain convictions for eligible individuals.