Sean Austin

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Helios Life Enterprises

Sean Austin is currently co-founder of multiple AI companies including Helios Life Enterprises and recently launched Markets EQ. Sean brings over 15 years of experience pioneering innovations at the intersection of audio science, machine learning, and product development. As CEO and mastermind behind Markets EQ, Sean is leading the charge to transform financial analysis through conversational artificial intelligence. As a second generation American, he has seen the power of conversational understanding across culture and language from an early age. Incorporating those nuances into daily life and combining them with his love for music were all the ingredients needed for an AI-born entrepreneur. He has been on a mission to build technology that intimately connects human and machine intelligence. During his undergraduate career at Rensselaer, Sean co-founded an audio biometrics startup, was part of Spotify’s first acquisition in 2010 (Tunigo) to create influential consumer programming, led core machine learning initiatives at Klarna in Stockholm, and only a few years ago served as CPO at aptihealth; growing the company to over $100 million in enterprise value. He has led Helios to become a category-defining company with Wall Street quant hedge funds and now goes one step further into the new field of generative AI. With Markets EQ, he is merging his lifelong passions for entrepreneurship, audio technology, and machine learning to provide financial professionals with the strategic advantages of understanding leader communications. Guided by Sean's vision, Markets EQ is pioneering the future of financial decision making.