Scott Stevens

Scott Stevens HeadshotScott Stevens


Dimension Fabricators

Mr. Stevens is Chairman of Dimension Fabricators, Inc – a nearly 40 year old manufacturing firm located in Scotia NY.

With a staff of 105 Dimension fabricates and assembles 30,000 tons of steel products every year, most of which is delivered on their own trucks. 

A licensed professional engineer, Mr. Stevens is a graduate of the University of Buffalo with a degree in civil/structural engineering. As a strong proponent of the green economy, through Scott’s direction, Dimension has invested in a number of renewable and sustainable methods including a 1 megawatt solar array in 2017.

Mr. Stevens will share what he sees on the horizon regarding domestic manufacturing and the electric economy.

Panelist | The Clean Energy Manufacturing Economy is Here: How NY Industries Can Benefit
2023 Annual Meeting | September 20, 2023- September 22, 2023