S.4762 (DeFrancisco) / A.7928 (Roberts)


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S.4762 (DeFrancisco) / A.7928 (Roberts)


Youth Works Tax Credit



The Business Council supports this bill that adjusts the hours-worked threshold for the now-extended youth jobs tax credit program. This program provides tax incentives to employers for hiring at-risk youth in part-time and full-time positions. First adopted as part of the tax reform package in December 2011, this program was extended through 2018.

This legislation reduces the number of hours of part-time work needed by employees for employer qualification for this credit, from 20 hours to 10 hours. The purpose of this amendment is to accommodate full-time students seeking to obtain work experience. Under the current law, students would have to take on an unrealistic 20 hour per week work load in order to be included in this program.

This bill does not change the basic provisions of the tax credit, or increase its cost to the state. However, it will make the program more flexible for employers, and more workable for youth trying to balance school and work experiences.

The youth tax credit has been very well received by employers, and has resulted in additional job opportunities for at-risk youth in economically challenged communities.

This amendment has broad support, and The Business Council recommends its approval.