S.4069 (Hannon) / A.5124 (Paulin)


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S.4069 (Hannon) / A.5124 (Paulin)


The Establishment of Limited Services Clinics



The Business Council supports A.5124/S.4069, permitting the establishment of limited services clinics as Article 28 facilities. The legislation authorizes the NYS Department of Health to develop requirements for these programs. Existing law does not address how these facilities are regulated. This legislation helps ensure broader patient access to health care.

The federal ACA's mandate for health insurance coverage present New York with significant healthcare challenges. Given the shortage of primary care providers in New York State, we believe that limited services clinics can play an important role in serving the million newly insured New Yorkers who will require care as part of health care reform. We recognize that this model will not be a substitute for other healthcare facilities, but will provide a needed access point and will encourage the appropriate use of primary care providers rather than expensive emergency room care.

The Business Council continues to work with our members to find new ways to contain the ever rising costs of healthcare for employers and citizens of New York State alike. The use of limited care clinics provides a cost-effective alternative to expensive and emergency room visits, and helps ease the strain on primary care providers.

For these reasons, the Business Council supports A.5124/S.4069.