The Business Council Announces Inaugural Workforce Innovation Awards


The Business Council Announces Inaugural Workforce Innovation Awards  
Four Awards to be Presented Annually to Workforce Stakeholders in 
New York State

ALBANY – The Business Council of New York State announced Thursday, the inaugural New York State Workforce Innovation Awards to recognize outstanding workforce development training and education providers as well as business leaders focused on developing a strong and diverse talent pipeline. 
Awardees will be recognized for leadership in developing or providing training to meet the workforce needs of local businesses. The 2022 awards will be given out May 20, at the University at Albany’s new ETEC building. 

“Hiring a skilled and diverse workforce is a top priority for businesses in New York. To meet those needs, there are many innovative and successful programs across the state focusing on the high-demand skills required to create the workforce of the future,” said Amber Rangel Mooney, Director, Workforce Development, The Business Council of New York State. “These programs are crucial to sustaining a healthy economy and in recognizing them, we hope to see their work continue to grow.”

The four award categories include:

  • P-12 Workforce Innovation Award
  • Higher Education Workforce Innovation Award
  • Non-Profit Workforce Innovation Award
  • Business Workforce Leadership Award

Eligible entities may apply for one of the four awards. Training and education programs and businesses must be operating in New York State. Organizations do not have to be a member of The Business Council to be eligible for an award.

A detailed application process can be found on the event’s webpage on The Business Council’s website.