S.1469-A (Ritchie) / A.7563-A (Nolan)


Manager, Government Affairs


S.1469-A (Ritchie) / A.7563-A (Nolan)


Relates to the Salary of CTE Teachers Emplyed by a Board of Cooperative Educational Services



The Business Council of New York State supports S.1469-A (Ritchie) / A.7563-A (Nolan) which would increase funding for career and technical education (CTE) teachers at the board of cooperative educational services (BOCES).

Given the increased demand for CTE education by private sector employees, the expansion and support of these programs is crucial to guaranteeing that New York schools are providing educational opportunities which have the potential to lead to well-paying jobs.

Investing in CTE programs will ensure that all students, especially those who chose to enter the workforce immediately following high school, have the skills to succeed in the 21st Century workforce.

The Business Council supports programs which help ensure New York has the qualified workforce needed to further grow our economy. As such, the Business Council supports S.1469-A (Ritchie) / A.7563-A (Nolan) which would provide CTE programs additional funding for educators teaching vital 21st Century career skills.