Exempts students enrolled in a Career Education Program from certain Regents Exams



The Business Council opposes this bill because Career Education students do not need to be exempted from any of New York State's graduation requirements. Giving them an exemption implies that they are unable to meet the same education standards as any other students.

The New York State Board of Regents has made changes in regulation that provide flexibility in the design of courses relating to careers. This will enable students to meet both academic and career education requirements. Career and Technical education programs in schools and BOCES should be a first-choice option for any student to achieve State learning standards.

Anything less for Career and Technical Education students would be doing these students a great disservice. Students who may gravitate to a more "hands-on experiential approach to learning" should not be regarded as less intelligent than those who easily grasp more abstract learning. Our education system can educate all students to the higher levels demanded by post-secondary education and the workforce. If the Legislature backs off on the Regents requirements for CTE students, we are in effect saying New York State can't educate all students to the higher standards.

The world of work is growing ever more complex. A broad background of academics, combined with work skills to varying degrees of specialty, is important for everyone. New York State has an outstanding education system because of the steadfastness of the State on these matters. Therefore the Legislature should reject this bill which weakens the state's higher standards.