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JCOPE client/lobby and source of funding rules

The Business Council has submitted comments on, and provided testimony to, the Joint Commission on Public Ethics in response to, their proposed “comprehensive lobbying” regulations and its updated “source of funding” regulations. Of major concern is JCOPE’s proposed restrictions of the Lobby Act exemption for “commission salespersons.” The Council also highlighted other provisions of JCOPE’s proposal that are inconsistent with underlying statute and/or impose unworkable compliance obligations, and made recommendations to address these concerns. Our submissions, as well as the proposed rules and public comments received by JCOPE, are available below.



Comments on JCOPE draft advisory opinion on contributions (12/4/15)

JCOPE Request for Comments on Definition of “Lobbying”


Proposed IRS rules on 501(c)(4) organizations

Business Council Comments

IRS notice of proposed rulemaking

Proposed Part 934 Regulation on Gift Restrictions

Business Council comments/overview of JCOPE changes

TBC Letter of Concern regarding “Reportable business relationship” and “source of fund” implementation

Campaign / Election Reform Legislative Proposals


JCOPE Proposed "Source of Income" Regulation

JCOPE Emergency "Source of Income" Rule Adopted 11/20/12

Draft rule

Business Council comments


JCOPE Proposed Guidance on "Reportable Business Relationships"

Draft Guidelines

Business Council Comments

Joint Commission on Public Ethics Invitation for Public Comment on Lobbyist/Client Disclosure Rules 

Business Council Initial Input