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New York, with 47,214 square miles, is the 27th largest state in the nation, in terms of land mass.

Many people, when thinking of New York, are under the impression that New York City is the largest place in the state. In fact, the Big Apple is a very small part of the Empire State's territory. At only 301 square miles, New York City takes up less than one percent of the entire state.

New York is made up of 62 counties, 62 cities, 557 villages and 937 towns. In those counties, towns, villages and cities are 500 miles of the state's canal system and 151 state parks.

The state's closest neighbors are: Canada (to the north); Pennsylvania (to the southwest); New Jersey (to the south); Connecticut (to the southeast); Massachusetts (to the east); and Vermont (northeast).

New York is generally divided up into 11 diverse regions which include:

  • Adirondacks
  • Central Leatherstocking
  • Greater Niagara
  • Capital Region
  • Chautauqua - Allegheny
  • Hudson Valley
  • Catskills
  • Finger Lakes
  • Long Island
  • New York City
  • Thousand Islands - Seaway

Each of the 11 regions has its own characteristics and is known for something different.You can find more about the regions at the I Love New York Web site here.

The Adirondack region covers the Adirondack Mountains. The Capital Region houses the state's Capital and the New York State Museum.

The Catskills and Central Leatherstocking regions played a large part in the American Revolution. The Finger Lakes region, named after a group of lakes that look like, well, fingers, is also home to wineries that rival the vineyards of France. Onondaga County features two of the (very) few meromictic lakes in the U.S.A

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Looking to visit Long Island’s Big Duck? Find this museum, and others here.

Schenectady’s Colonial-era Stockade is among the list of registered historical sites in New York by County:

Golfing, fishing, hiking and swimming at New York’s state parks.

For more information, or places to travel in any of the regions, visit the official "I Love NY" Web site at

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