S.3789 (Phillips) / A.1956 (Bronson)


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S.3789 (Phillips) / A.1956 (Bronson)


Requires the Department of Labor to Publish a Catalogue of Workforce Development Funding Programs



The Business Council Supports S.3789 (Phillips) / A.1956 (Bronson) which would publish a catalogue of workforce development funding programs, tax credits and annual outcomes.

This catalogue would include annually updated information on the purpose of the funding programs, federally assisted programs, governing statutes and regulations, eligibility requirements, any special restrictions, flow of funds, any matching requirements, two years’ of historical fiscal data, program contact information, and most importantly, data on the outcomes and effectiveness of the program.  

Having this information easily accessible to the public will not only assist employers in developing and finding  workforce development funding, but bring awareness to training and education programs that directly connect people to careers.

Increased transparency on state spending on workforce development programs by providing basic program information will also allow employers to access more training opportunities. It will also help to hold the state accountable with funding, directing more funding to programs that have proven successes in getting people into well-paying jobs.

The Business Council supports programs which help ensure New York has the qualified workforce needed to further grow our economy. As such, the Business Council supports S.3789 (Phillips) / A.1956 (Bronson) which would provide the public with vital information about state and federal funded programs that are training New Yorkers.