Gabby Lichtenberg Bio

Gabby Lichtenberg

Gabby Lichtenberg

Director of Membership 

Gabby Lichtenberg is a seasoned professional with over two decades of experience in sales and marketing across local, national, and international landscapes. Her journey has taken her to esteemed positions, where she has made an indelible impact on businesses of all sizes and industries.

Through her work as a Commercial Real Estate Advisor at Cresa, Gabby played a pivotal role in helping business owners achieve their real estate goals, aligning them with their broader company objectives. By leveraging her expertise and astute understanding of the market, she guided her clients through the intricate terrain, ensuring they secured spaces that laid the foundation for their future success.

During her tenure as an Account Executive at the Albany Business Review (ABR), Gabby brought her wholeheartedness to the forefront, strengthening businesses of all sizes and from various industries. Guided by her strategic marketing and sales initiatives, she ignited a spark within these organizations, propelling them toward their goals and nurturing their bottom-line growth. While in this role, Gabby created a national campaign called Elevating Equity, where corporations donated advertising campaigns to BIPOC businesses struggling during the pandemic.  Gabby excelled as a top performer with ABR/American City Business Journal (ACBJ) and ranked 2nd in sales out of 250 Account Executives across 46 national publications. Successfully growing her desk accounts by 31% in new business and surpassing her 2021 sales quota by 142%. Gabby's unwavering dedication to her clients allowed her to surpass expectations with results that left a lasting impact consistently.

Gabby's commitment to providing excellent customer service goes beyond surface-level engagement. With a genuine desire to understand her client’s goals, she actively listens, combining her business acumen and innovative thinking to co-create winning solutions. Her emphasis on building strong professional relationships fosters positive customer engagement, enabling her to exceed expectations and deliver high-quality results consistently.

As the Director of Membership of The Business Council, her wholehearted support and unwavering advocacy to become a catalyst for the success of businesses throughout New York State. With a genuine passion for their triumph, Gabby is committed to championing their growth and providing the necessary support to ensure New York Businesses flourish.