Business to Business: Managing Coronavirus Together

The Business Council is connecting employers during difficult times. This page allows businesses to share their stories and ideas of managing COVID-19. Employers can learn from one another about which practices have worked best during these unusual times. Since we are in this together let's learn from one another about the best procedures to handle the situation moving forward.

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March 17
The Business Council of New York State
We have updated and distributed our work policies for managing coronavirus. Employees are allowed to work from home and are mandated to stay home if they are sick.
March 18
ComSource: Information Technology Company (70 employees)

Conducted a detailed test and assessment of our network infrastructure, and its ability to handle additional remote workers, as we have transitioned close to 100% of our workforce to be remote. All employees have the tools and technology to stay in touch with their customers as they work remotely. We also penetration tested and are continuing to monitor our network security to ensure there are no disruptions to daily operations.  

March 19
Industrial Manufacturer (30 employees)
The 50% work from home is not possible due to production activity. Instead, does it make sense to alternate shifts or alternate days to accommodate? This is my plan, assuming I read that correctly and assuming the real goal is density reduction. Do people generally agree with this approach?