Bruno releases details on "Jobs 2000" plan


Director of Communications

Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno today released details on his "Jobs 2000" plan, a proposed investment of $262.5 million designed to create new high-tech jobs through investments in research, infrastructure, education, and workforce development.

The so-called "J2K" plan would combine new and existing resources in four initiatives: the Education and Economic Development Act, the Employee Readiness Act (ERA), the Pipeline for Jobs Program, and an expansion of the state Institute of Entrepreneurship.

The ERA would address a top Business Council priority: making the state's job training programs more coordinated, more employer-focused, and more geared toward retraining of current workers.

The ERA would receive initial funding of $100 million, which would be a combination of public and private investment.

"This plan would make existing businesses more competitive and enable us to make the necessary investments for New York to catch up with other states that are building the high-tech economy that will fuel economic expansions in the 21st century," Senator Bruno said.