The 2013 Business Council Legislative Scorecard

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New York State Assembly Scorecard 2013

New York State Senate Scorecard 2013


The Business Council has identified key issues that impact New York State's job climate.

2013 Session - Business Council Supported

  1. FY 2014 Spending Growth  (Aid to Localities Appropriations bill) 
    S.2603-E A3003-E
    On-time budget with state operating funds spending growth was limited to 2.0%
  2. Start Up NY / Excelsior
    Adopts the “Start Up NY” economic development program; modifies the “Excelsior” program to make it more accessible to small, growing business.
  3. Expansion of natural gas service
    Expedites the extension of natural gas service by reducing barriers to extending natural gas lines, including assistance with permitting, financial assistance, real property tax abatement, and financing.
  4. Casino authorization
    The “Upstate Economic Development Act of 2013,” provides for a system governing the application and siting process for casino gaming licenses.
  5. Utility Real Property Tax Assessments
    Creates a uniform process of taxation on utility transmission property (wires; poles etc.) on private property.
  6. LNG transportation and storage
    Requires DEC to adopt regulations establishing criteria for the siting of liquefied natural and petroleum gas facilities (LNG).
  7. Wage theft reform act/Annual notice repeal 
    Repeals the annual notice/signature provision of the “wage theft prevention act.”
  8. New York State Health Care Quality and Cost Containment Commission
    Requires that the NYS Health Care Quality and Cost Containment Commission be seated in a timely manner, to accurately assess the cost of state-imposed healthcare mandates and implementation of the ACA.
  9. At risk youth employment tax credit
    Improves this new program by adjusting the hours-worked threshold for the now-extended youth jobs tax credit program.
  10. Rural Broadband tax credit
    Adopts a refundable tax credit for cost of deploying broadband to residents and small businesses in underserved areas.

2013 Session - Business Council Opposed

  1. “Freelancer’s” health program
    Creates a new exception from the community rating law for the Freelancers Union, allowing only that organization the opportunity to offer experience rated insurance products.
  2. LLC campaign finance contribution caps
    S.4705-B A.4980-D
    Among other changes, imposes restriction $5,000 “hard money” contribution caps on individual and related LLCs.
  3. Utility service worker prevailing wage
    Extends public sector prevailing wage provisions to private sector utility service workers.
  4. Farmworker labor standards
    Extends state labor law provisions on collective bargaining, overtime and disability to farm employees; disregards existing regulation by municipal, state, and federal agencies.
  5. Workers’ Compensation Collateral Estoppel
    Reverses the Court of Appeals decision in Auqui v. Seven Thirty One Limited Partnership, to allow, for purposes of other litigation, the rearguing of facts already litigated in WCB administrative adjudication.
  6. “Comparable worth”
    Imposes a “comparable worth” wage standard; requires jobs to be evaluated based on DOL methodology; requires equal pay for “comparable” jobs.