S.5536-A (Maziarz)


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S.5536-A (Maziarz)


Expansion of Natural Gas Service



The Business Council of New York State supports S.5536-A, as the legislation will assist with the extension of natural gas service to numerous more homes, schools, and businesses throughout New York State. The legislation proposes to address some of the barriers to extending natural gas lines, including assistance with permitting, financial assistance, real property tax abatement, and financing.

In a recent proceeding of the Public Service Commission (PSC)1 stated as of October 30, 2012, the spot market price of natural gas was $3.42 per dekatherm (Dt) and, on an energy equivalent basis, the price of No. 2 home heating oil, the most common alternative to natural gas, was $22.28.3 Under current price conditions, the typical homeowner who converts from No. 2 oil to natural gas could save about $1,300 per year, although it could be more if they convert to a high efficiency furnace or boiler.

Expanding the availability of natural gas will not only assist homeowners, it will also have positive implications for economic growth and retention within New York. The availability of lower cost natural gas will enhance the viability of existing businesses as well as enhance the State's ability to attract new businesses and industries.

For these reasons, The Business Council strongly supports S.5536-A.


1CASE 12-G-0297 Proceeding on Motion of the Commission To Examine Policies Regarding the Expansion of Natural Gas Service.