The Business Council Announces Support for Legislative Proposals Positively Impacting Minority and Women Business Enterprise (MWBE)


The Business Council Announces Support for Legislative Proposals Positively Impacting Minority and Women Business Enterprise (MWBE)

New MWBE Awards Established

ALBANY – The Business Council of New York State announced Thursday, support for a package of legislative bill proposals that would positively impact MWBE businesses in New York State. The Business Council recognizes five bills as beneficial to minority and women-owned businesses throughout New York. The bills were based on transparency and covid related assistance since minority-owned businesses were hit hard by the pandemic, resulting in many closures.

The proposed legislation having the most significant impacts include creating a shared database to track contracts between public authorities and MWBE businesses, ensuring that MWBEs are receiving contracted work, and providing funding mechanisms to offset the debt that many MWBEs accumulated during the COVID 19 pandemic.

“Our support for these legislative proposals illustrates our commitment to supporting all businesses across New York State,” said Paul Zuber, Executive Vice President of The Business Council of New York State. “Opportunity for economic growth must be given to all employers, regardless of race or creed, and passage of these bills will support that initiative.”  

Senator James Sanders Jr. said, "Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprises play an important role in the economy throughout all of New York State. MWBEs have great talent and skills that will help speed up a post-COVID recovery and benefit everyone. This legislative package is crucial in further unleashing the potential of MWBEs. I applaud The Business Council for their efforts in supporting MWBEs."

Senator Kevin Parker said, "MWBE's are the backbone of our community.  I am proud to pass legislation that will both expand opportunities currently available to MWBEs, and simultaneously create meaningful jobs - at a living wage and with benefits, in Black and Brown communities throughout New York City. I applaud the Business Council helping to push this important legislation.”

MWBE Awards

In addition to the legislative support for MWBE businesses, The Business Council has established a new set of MWBE awards. The awards will honor minority, women, and LGBTQ businesses by recognizing their history. A total of five separate awards will be presented, with an African American-owned business recognized in February, a woman-owned business in March, an Asian-owned business in May, an LGBTQ-owned business in June, and a Latinx-owned business in September. 

Details on the awards, including the nomination process, can be found here, on The Business Council’s website.