Statement by Daniel B. Walsh President, The Business Council of New York State, Inc. Governor Pataki's budget is good news for New Yorkers - in numerous ways


Director of Communications

ALBANY—Given New York State's historically high taxes, cutting taxes means creating jobs. The proof lies in the tremendous gains our economy has made in the last four years, as taxes have been reduced again and again. Further tax cuts - such as those proposed by the Governor, and by Senator Bruno - will mean still more new jobs for working New Yorkers.

Long-term, the only way to reduce our tax burden is to reduce the cost of government - including the size of our state debt. We strongly support the Governor's proposals to restrain spending, and to reform and reduce debt.

Local taxes in New York State are now our single worst competitive problem. Local governments and school districts must resist annual demands for new spending - and Albany must do its part by reducing the burden of costly and inefficient mandates. Reforming the Wicks Law, requiring arbitrators in public employee union disputes to consider taxpayers' ability to pay for union contracts, and other elements of the Governor's mandate relief package would make a dramatic difference in our property taxes. We will strongly support these proposals as well.

Our business climate is dramatically improved compared to a few years ago, but many corporate executives have not heard the good news. It's absolutely essential that we expand the state's business marketing program so we can spread the word about how New York is changing. The proposed increase in marketing funding will help attract new jobs throughout the state.

New York works best when New Yorkers are working. This budget will continue our progress on the comeback trail.

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