Business Council Insurance Fund Benefit Programs

Nearly two-thirds of Business Council members, consisting of 125,000 New York State employees, take advantage of the benefits programs offered through the Business Council Insurance Fund.  New York State Employers with two or more employees may be eligible to participate in the following benefit plans:


Basic Life

  • Guarantee issue for groups of 2 or more employees
  • Dependent Life is also available

Life Insurance Product Overview


Voluntary Life 

  • 20% participation (minimum 5 enrolled lives)
  • Personalized employee enrollment kits provided 
  • May be offered to employees, their spouse and children unmarried, to age 26. 
  • Generous guaranteed issue
  • Participation requirements waived with mandatory employee meeting 


Long Term Disability

  • Guarantee issue for groups of 2 or more employees
  • Dedicated claims team

Disability Product Overview


Short Term Disability 

  • Minimum of 5+ lives 
  • All groups are rated individually
  • Three years of experience is required for groups over 100 employees
  • Dedicated claims team 



  • For groups of 2-49 Lives—Monthly rate per employee
  • For groups of 50+ Lives- all groups are rated individually
  • For groups of 100+ employees- three years of experience is required 
  • Dedicated claims team
  • NY PFL services are available on all DBL groups

DBL/PFL Product Overview



  • Available to groups of 2 or more employees
  • Plans range from low-cost basic, to coverage for all services, including orthodontia benefits for dependent children and adults
  • All plans have 100% coverage for preventive services with no service waiting periods
  • Fusion vision benefit is available
  • 2-tier, 3-tier and 4-tier rates available

Ameritas Dental Portal



  • Available to groups of 2 or more employees
  • Two options available (VSP and EyeMed network)

Attached marketing slip




Classic EAP Program

EAP with 3 Sessions

EAP with 5 Sessions