S.7351 (Martins)/A.9902 (Perry)/State Comptroller Bill #30


S.7351 (Martins)/A.9902 (Perry)/State Comptroller Bill #30


Making technical corrections to the economic development and state finance laws related to the Contract Reporter



The Business Council of NYS, Inc. supports S.7351 (Martins)/A.9902 (Perry) that would amend the economic development law in regards to increasing the threshold for government procurements that will be published in the state's contract reporter.

Article 4-C of the economic development law which deals with publication requirements of the procurement opportunities newsletter (the Contract Reporter) was amended in 2012; the definition of a procurement contract was increased from $15,000 to $50,000. Section 146 of the same Article, governing the comptroller's approval for procurement contracts was not similarly amended. This bill corrects that discrepancy and a similar discrepancy related to publication requirements for purchases through the Office of General Services.

For this reason, The Business Council supports this legislation.