S.6981 (Ranzenhofer)/A.9612 (Rozic)


Director, Center for Human Resources


S.6981 (Ranzenhofer)/A.9612 (Rozic)


Raising the financial threshold for public letting



This bill would increase the threshold above which the Dormitory Authority must publicly let a contract. The Business Council supports this proposal.

  • Under the Facilities Development Corporation Act (FDC), the threshold above which all contracts awarded by the Dormitory Authority for the construction, reconstruction, rehabilitation or improvement of a mental hygiene facility by public letting is $40,000. This was increased from $10,000 in 1992.
  • This bill would raise the threshold to reflect the increase in construction costs since 1992 and is estimated at $80,000.
  • These contracts would still be awarded on a competitive basis and where applicable, notices would be published in the New York State Contract Reporter. In addition, prevailing wage requirements would still apply.

For these reasons, The Business Council supports enactment of this legislation.