S.5110 (Maziarz)


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S.5110 (Maziarz)


Electric Car Charging Stations



The Business Council of the State of New York supports this legislation. If enacted this legislation would ensure that a person or corporation would not be considered an electric corporation solely, because of ownership, lease or operation of electric car charging facility.

This legislation insures continued an unequivocal statutory clarity regarding the ownership, lease or operation of electric car charging facility. The clarity that this legislation provides is important as the charging station market places evolves.

Today, many charging stations are publicly funded and offer free charging to encourage early adopters of Plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs). However, many public stations will evolve toward a pay-for-use system as PEVs become more mainstream. If only utilities are allowed to sell electricity directly, most non-utility-owned stations likely will charge a service fee instead of charging for electricity use.

The total cost of installing a typical public charging station, including equipment and installation costs, varies significantly depending on the type of charging station and its location. Some estimate the sot to be as little as $15,000 for a Level 2 station and as high as $100,000 for a DC fast-charging station. These prices are expected to trend downward as charging production volumes increase. Given the significant cost of the installation of a charging station it is imperative to permanently remove one potential barrier to the private installation of charging stations in New York.

For the reasons stated above the Business Council supports the following legislation.