S.2605-A / A.3005-A (Budget Bill)


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S.2605-A / A.3005-A (Budget Bill)


Extending the Authorization of Design-Build Projects



Part S of this bill amends The Infrastructure Investment Act, adopted in 2011, to expand the number of state agencies and authorities that may use design-build contracts and design-build-finance contracts for capital projects. 

The Business Council supports this important reform and urges the the Legislature to approve Part S. In addition, we urge the Governor and legislature to also remove the three year expiration set for December 2014.

As an alternative project delivery method, design-build provides a single contract for architectural, engineering and capital construction from a single or team of providers. This method reduces project costs by shortening delivery time and eliminating duplication of effort.

The benefits of this approach include:

  • Expedited project completion by grouping multiple responsibilities in a single contract, such as combined design and construction;
  • Streamlined procurement process;
  • Access to specialized expertise, such as financial management;
  • Improved design, reducing future remediation costs;
  • Access to proprietary technology; and
  • Ability to provide special incentives to improve project performance.

Expansion of design-build will ensure that limited public funds are spent wisely and produce the maximum public benefit.

For these reasons, The Business Council urges enactment of this bill and removal of the original expiration date set for December of 2014.