Statement in Response to Final Push for To-Go Cocktails in Budget



"Legalizing alcohol to-go is an important first step in modernizing New York State liquor laws, but there are further steps that need to be taken to update laws that have barely changed since 1934,” said Paul Zuber, Executive Vice President. “These restrictive Alcoholic Beverage Control Laws prohibit liquor stores from expanding to create more jobs, create fewer opportunities for New York wine and distilled spirits producers, and consumers see less choice and increased prices. Additionally, these laws stifle economic development and competition by creating arbitrary restraints on where a liquor store can be located. To-go is about modernizing the liquor laws, economic development, and thinking about the consumer. If we modernize the laws for bars and restaurants, we should modernize the laws for liquor stores to create jobs, help our wine industry, and provide consumers with more choice.”