The Business Council of New York State Joins Congressman Brindisi, US Chamber, and New York Farm Bureau Calling for approval of the USMCA


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The Business Council of New York State Joins Congressman Brindisi, US Chamber, and New York Farm Bureau Calling for approval of the USMCA
Utica, NY – The Business Council of New York State Inc., on Wednesday, joined Congressman Brindisi, the US Chamber and the New York Farm Bureau to call on the passage of the USMCA trade agreement.
The proposed agreement still needs approval from Congress.
The USMCA is the negotiated agreement, meant to replace the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), that has broad support from business interests across a wide range of sectors including – manufacturing, agriculture, technology, services and financial – from all regions of New York State.
In 2018, New York businesses had over $20 billion worth of exports to Canada and Mexico.
“With USMCA we have an opportunity to show the American people we can put politics aside and deliver something that will create good-paying jobs and ensure American farmers, workers, and business owners are in a fair fight. Once the Administration formally submits a final deal to Congress, I am calling on the Speaker and Senate Majority Leader McConnell to bring this proposal to the floor for a vote,”said Representative Anthony Brindisi. “Our farmers and business owners are at risk of losing access to critical markets. And it is time for Congress to show the American people that they can get something done. With the support of Upstate New York business community and our farmers, I am ready and willing to get this done.”

“Twelve million American jobs depend on trade with our North American neighbors, including nearly 800,000 jobs in the great state of New York,” said Tom Donohue, CEO, U.S. Chamber of Commerce. “USMCA is a modern, bipartisan trade deal that will benefit local communities like Utica by ensuring farmers, manufactures, and service providers continue to have access to the Canadian and Mexican markets.”
“After speaking with the members, we serve and with representatives from both governments of Canada and Mexico, it became clear this proposed deal is impactful to the nation and our state”, said Heather Briccetti, President & CEO of The Business Council of New York State. “An open trade policy of importing and exporting goods and services with both nations is crucial for New York businesses to not only maintain their bottom line but grow and expand their business.”
“New York’s farmers are asking Congress to vote and pass USMCA. It will maintain and even expand strong trade relationships with our North American neighbors that our farmers need. At a time when there is much uncertainty around trade, passing USMCA would be a major step forward. We appreciate standing with the greater business community and Representative Brindisi to help make that happen,”said Kevin Angell, Oneida County Farm Bureau President and dairy farmer.
In July, The Business Council sent a letter to New York State’s congressional delegation, congressional and senate leaders, and the President urging a timely passage of the agreement. More than 50 businesses and organizations,signed the letter in support.
In February, the US Chamber helped organize a national coalition who urged for the approval of USMCA. More than 600 trade associations and business joined the advocacy campaign.
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