FAQ - New York State Workforce Innovation Awards

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

Q: What should the videos include? 
A: There are no content requirements for the videos. They are intended to complement the application and will be used for social media promotion of programs for online voting. There is no need to duplicate information that is included in the application, we encourage you to showcase the uniqueness of the program in the videos. Only finalists’ videos will be shared on social media by The Business Council.  

Q: How should I upload the video?
A: Once you have submitted your application, you will receive a link to the email provided in the application from The Business Council to upload the video. 

Q: Are chambers of commerce and industry associations eligible for an award?
A: Yes, under most circumstances, industry associations that are a 501(c)3, 501(c)4, or 501(c)6 are eligible for the “Non-Profit Workforce Leadership Award.” 

Q: Are organizations headquartered outside of New York State eligible for an award?
A: Yes, an organization does not need to be headquartered in New York, they only need to have a program or facility operating in New York State. 

Q: If my training and education program falls into multiple categories, e.g., both P-12 and higher education, which should I select to apply for? 
A: Applicants should select the category that they believe their application will be most competitive in. 

Q: Can organizations nominate themselves?
A: Yes, organizations are encouraged to nominate their own program, school, or company. 

Q: Can a school apply for multiple programs? 
A: If a school has several innovative programs it would like to apply for, they are welcome to submit multiple applications for consideration. However, only one of their programs is eligible to be considered as a finalist. Organizations with multiple programs are encouraged to submit an application for their most competitive program. 

Q: What if my training and education program doesn't completely reside in New York State? 

A: Training and education programs and businesses must have a location operating in New York State. However, for online training and education programs to be eligible, they must have at minimum 1,000 students residing in New York State and New York State-based staff.

Q: What type of criteria will applications be rated on?
A: Applications will be rated on innovation, uniqueness, student or employee success metrics, access and equity to programs, diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) initiatives or programs, and to the extent to which programs meet the training and education needs of employers. 

Q: Which category should BOCES Adult education programs apply for, P-12 Innovation Award or the Non-Profit Innovation Award? 
A: BOCES adult programs are eligible to apply for either the P-12 Innovation Award category or the Non-Profit Innovation Award category. If the program also has a p-12 component, they may want to apply in that category, but if the program is strictly an adult education program, the application may be better suited for the Non-Profit category. 

If you have additional questions, please email them to [email protected]