S.5317 (Marcellino)/A.6953 (Hevesi)


S.5317 (Marcellino)/A.6953 (Hevesi)


To amend the general municipal law to allow technology installment purchase contracts



The Business Council of NYS, Inc. supports S.5317 (Marcellino)/A.6953 (Hevesi) that amends the general municipal law to include technology purchases through installment purchase contracts.

Rapidly changing technology has allowed for more functionality and has increased government efficiency, resulting in better services to constituents. It is important that governments are able to update their systems as technology changes. By allowing such purchases through installment purchase contracts, governments will have greater flexibility when choosing the contracting vehicle best suited to their needs; this will also allow governments to update systems without taxpayers having to incur a great expense.

For these reasons The Business Council supports this legislation.