S.5051-A (Saland) / A.7918 (John)




S.5051-A (Saland) / A.7918 (John)


Funds for Innovation Grants To School Districts



The Business Council supports the creation of this Fund for Innovation because technology can play an important role in improving student achievement – especially for disadvantaged students who often have the least access to it. Facility with technology and computers plays an ever greater role in success in the workforce. The place to become to become familiar with computers and to learn how to use them for further learning is in school.

Technology-based learning strategies, including one-to-one laptop pilot programs, targeted specifically to help overcome the educational disadvantages faced by high-needs students, have shown great promise in boosting student performance in other states.

This legislation would move towards closing the gap between the computer access available to high-needs pupils in New York, and that enjoyed by students in more affluent districts.

The Business Council urges your support for this legislation.