S.267 (Larkin) / A.1512 (Magee)




S.267 (Larkin) / A.1512 (Magee)


Allowing Roadside Farm Markets to Sell Wine from Nearby Farm, Special or Micro-Wineries



The Business Council of New York State, Inc. supports S.267 (Larkin)/A.1512 (Magee) which would allow roadside farm markets to sell wine from up to two farm, special, or micro-wineries located within 20 miles of the roadside farm market.

New York has made many inroads to fostering the development of a world-class wine industry, now boasting wineries in 54 of our 62 counties. The wine industry serves not only as an agent of economic development as part of New York's diverse agricultural industry, but also as a tourism driver throughout the state. Unfortunately, marketing these wineries as a destination and promoting their products is expensive and cumbersome for these small agricultural businesses. Expanding opportunities to put their product in market is another way for them to reach new customers.

For these reasons The Business Council supports this legislation and encourages you to as well.