S.2509 / A.3009 Part AA


Senior Director of Government Affairs


S.2509 / A.3009 Part AA


Elimination of Quick Draw Restrictions



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The Business Council supports the Executive Budget proposal that would eliminate restrictions on the New York Lottery Quick Draw game. Currently, Quick Draw is only permitted in commercial locations that are 2,500 square feet or bigger. This means a significant number of small businesses in New York cannot benefit from selling Quick Draw gaming tickets because their stores are “too small.”

Retailers who sell Quick Draw in New York City average a 73% increase in lottery sales than those who do not. By ending the outdated restrictions, Quick Draw could be expanded to include approximately 17,000 eligible businesses across New York State. Removing the outdated restrictions will strengthen revenue opportunities for small businesses across New York State as they continue to suffer and attempt to recover their steep losses from the negative economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Furthermore, we also know that removing these restrictions will significantly increase the $3.37 billion that the New York Lottery already contributes to the State’s education fund. If these restrictions are removed, the Quick Draw lottery game could contribute up to $30 million more in revenue for New York State in the next year, which would be 100% invested in the State’s education system.

For local and small businesses to regain financial stability, New York State must provide them with all the tools they need to attract customers. Allowing retailers to sell the popular Quick Draw lottery game will give them the opportunity to incentivize foot-traffic customers, which many stores heavily rely on as their primary customer base. For these reasons, The Business Council strongly supports the elimination of the Quick Draw restrictions in the Fiscal Year 2022 Executive Budget and strongly urges the legislature to incorporate this within the final budget agreement.