FY23 Budget - Military Base Retention Funding




FY23 Budget


Military Base Retention Funding



The Business Council of New York State, Inc. supports the inclusion of Military Base Retention Funding in the New York State FY 2023 Budget of $5 million. This is the same amount of funding that was included in state budgets up until FY 2018.

Base Retention is incredibly important to communities in New York, which relay in large part on the presence of military bases, like Fort Drum, to sustain and maintain economic stability and growth. The military bases in communities such as Niagara Fall are major engines not only for population but also the many private businesses that are created and grown to serve both the bases and the service people who work there.

With defense spending in New York State for the fiscal year 2020 at $12.8 Billion, a $5 million investment in base retention is a remarkably good investment. Therefore, The Business Council respectfully asks for the inclusion of this amount be included for Base Retention Funding in the New York State FY 2023 Budget. Partnering with those who serve to protect our great nation, honors them, their service and greatly helps our communities as well.