Member Spotlight | 2019

June 2019 | Unshattered


Unshattered is a non-profit handbag manufacturer whose employees are women on their second chance. Founded in 2016, Unshattered employs women in post addiction recovery and provides them with a job and ultimately a path to successful recovery.  CEO and Founder, Kelly Lyndgaard, is a former IBM executive who was inspired one day by women telling their story of addiction. Kelly believes to successfully reach complete rehabilitation there needs to be a plan and action after initial treatment and counseling.  Click the video to see their story.

July 2019 | Special Olympics

Special Olympics

Special Olympics is a non-profit who has seven offices around the state. The misconception is there are two events each year but in reality Special Olympics New York hosts competitions every day, and over 5,000 events each year. They are all put on by 40,000 volunteers and paid for by 200 fundraisers throughout the year. Click the video to see their story.

September 2019 | Finch Paper

Finch Paper

For over 150 years the paper mill has been a major employer and staple of the City of Glens Falls. While employing nearly 600 on site, the company has adapted to the ongoing change in demand for the types of paper consumers need and want. The company has two focuses; continue to produce high quality paper while maintaining a successful forestry initiative in the nearby Adirondacks. Click the video to see their story.

October 2019 | Beech-Nut


For 135 years Beech-Nut has been making various foods in the Mohawk Valley. The company prides themselves on the ability to offer natural and organic products free from artificial preservatives. However. the 300 employees on site, in Amsterdam, do more than just create healthy food options for children. Recently staff took a day off from manufacturing to give back to their local community. Click the video to see their story.

November 2019 | Ford Gum

Ford Gum

The chewy and sweet roots of Ford Gum can be traced back to 1913. The plant has been in several Western New York towns but has called Akron home for decades. The people here make gum, only gum, and ship it all over the world.

December 2019 | Hillside


This Rochester agency partners with area youth and their families to provide a system and services to help them stay on track, graduate high school and prepare for college or the workforce. The group has an amazing 96% graduation rate and I expanding their services in other New York cities and other states. Click the video to see their story.