S.847 (Parker)/ A.8111 (Peoples-Stokes)


S.847 (Parker)/ A.8111 (Peoples-Stokes)


Establishing the Empire State Baseball Trails Program



The Business Council of NYS, Inc. supports S. 847 (Parker)/A.8111 (Peoples-Stokes), creating an Empire State Baseball Trails program. One of New York's biggest industries making significant contributions to the economy is the tourism industry; the industry is one of the largest employers, contributes billions in state and local tax revenues and brings in out-of state visitors supporting local businesses.

Professional sporting events from Western New York to Long Island attract both in- and out-of-state tourists. New York is home to two of the most popular major league baseball teams but is also home to eleven minor league baseball teams. Creating an Empire State Baseball Trails program will help increase awareness of our minor league teams and boost tourism to their host regions.

For these reasons, The Business Council supports S.847 (Parker)/A.8111 (Peoples-Stokes).