S.4663(Ranzenhofer)/ A.5960 (Brennan)


Vice President


S.4663(Ranzenhofer)/ A.5960 (Brennan)


PSC Telecommunications Study



The Business Council Inc. opposes S.4663/A.5960 which mandates the Public Service Commission (PSC) to conduct a comprehensive examination and study of the state of the telecommunications industry in New York. The purpose of this study is to determine if New York's laws and regulations need to be adjusted in today's changing communications marketplace in order to create better customer services.

This bill is unnecessary because the Public Service Commission is already conducting a study of the telecommunications industry in New York State. The legislation, which is supported by consumer advocates pushing for more regulation, mandates the study to focus on specific requirements the advocates assume to be the problem instead of having a study that objectively looks at many of the telecommunication industries main cost drivers which include the state’s taxation and regulatory environment.

For these reasons, The Business Council strongly opposes this bill.