Statement in Response to 2023 Health Insurance Rates


Communications Coordinator

Statement in Response to 2023 Health Insurance Rates

“As the Department of Financial Services released 2023 health insurance rates yesterday, The Business Council remains ever mindful of the impact of rate increases on employers across the state and knows that these increases will be felt ever more by small businesses suffering through a challenging economic landscape,” said Lev Ginsburg, Counsel. “We understand that these rates are merely a reflection of the rising cost of healthcare, and we remain committed to working toward the curbing of these costs through good public policy, creation of true efficiencies, and through the continued utilization of new technology.”

“Equally important to this task is ensuring that we do not add to the burdens facing New Yorkers by enacting laws that will drastically increase the cost of care – bills such as S.74/A.6770 would radically expand the kinds of damages recoverable in wrongful death actions and would drive healthcare cost increases into the double digits for years to come.” 

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