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Senior Director, Government Affairs


S.7501 / A.9501


$2.5 Million appropriation to the “I Love NY” Program



The Business Council supports funding in the Executive Budget for the “I Love NY” program at the same amount of $2.5 million in the Executive Budget. The program, which focuses on statewide promotion and establishing partnerships that promote visitation has been a major contributor in tourism’s sizable impact in New York State.

Since its introduction, “I Love NY” has become an iconic tourist brand. Its impact is significant as it has played a major role in assisting the state become one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. The results are clear as it has increased the number of domestic and international visitors that impact state and local taxes, direct spending and employment. Its advertising campaign is one of the most successful tourist initiatives ever that includes global promotions and has resulted in an increase in visitors not only to New York City, but a revival of the tourist industry upstate from Western New York to the Thousand Islands.

“I Love NY” has a stellar record on its return on investment. New York’s tourism economy has continually grown over the years and with the millions that “I Love NY” has utilized, the results are significant. The program has achieved billions of dollars in tourism and has played a crucial part in New York’s tourism economy by influencing increased traveler spending. It has also affected different industrial sectors by increasing spending to people and companies that provide goods and services.

New York State offers many activities for travelers with its eleven vacation regions and “I Love NY” highlights what the state has to offer. Significant investment in the program has reaped substantial rewards. Travel and tourism are a sizable and growing component of the New York State economy and this program has led to its increase. For those reasons, The Business Council supports funding of “I Love NY” at is current allotment in the Executive Budget.