S.6357/A.8557 Budget Part R


Director of Government Affairs


S.6357/A.8557 Budget Part R


PSC Streamlining of Telecommunications Regulation and Cable Franchising



The Business Council supports the Executive Budget proposal to change the Public Service Law to give the PSC greater flexibility in its oversight of telephone corporations and streamlines the confirmation of cable franchises.

Under this proposal certain regulatory provisions such as posting rates and schedules would no longer be required if not necessary to ensure reasonable rates. Cable franchises could be confirmed and renewed without PSC approval so long as minimal PSC approved standards are met.

This measure appropriately allows the PSC to forego applying regulations that are unnecessary to the maintenance of adequate service and reasonable consumer rates. The agency would no longer be forced to apply outdated provisions that do nothing to serve the public but cost the agency and affected companies time and money.

It should be noted that this measure does not eliminate regulation of the affected companies. It merely gives the PSC greater flexibility to make common sense judgments based on experience and sound public policy.

For these reasons we strongly urge the legislature to enact S.6357/A.8557- Part R