IBM, Council set on how network computing affects government


Director of Communications

How advances in network computing can and should change how government works will be the theme of a conference in Albany Jan. 19 co-sponsored by IBM and The Business Council.

The symposium, which is entitled "Rethinking Government in the Network Computing Age," will take place from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 19, at the Omni Hotel.

"It is important that as government develops public policy goals, there is discussion on the important role that technology plays in all aspects of our lives," said Linda S. Sanford, General Manager, IBM Global Industries and New York State Senior Executive.

"That discussion should reflect an understanding of how technology can, and should,improve the delivery of services in such vital areas as government, education and commerce."

The symposium will focus specifically on:

How networking technology will let government provide new and innovative services to citizens.

How information technology services can benefit all citizens, regardless of income and location, while ensuring privacy protection.

How government can use network computing to spur economic development.

The agenda includes:

A luncheon address by Robert King, director of the state Division of the Budget.

An address by Larry Ricciardi, IBM senior vice president and general counsel.

A panel discussion on "Teaching and Learning in a Networked World" featuring: Richard Mills, Commissioner of Education; Lewis H. Spence, deputy chancellor of operations, New York City Board of Education; and Thomas Egan, chairman of the board of trustees of SUNY.

A panel discussion on how government can use information technology to re-engineer management in government and the delivery of government services.

This session will feature: Jonathan Lippman, chief administrative judge, state Office of Court Administration; Senator Kemp Hannon, chairman of the Senate Health Committee; and Brian Wing, commissioner of the New York State Office of Temporary Disability Assistance.

A discussion on the role of government in electronic commerce featuring: Ruth Walters, assistant deputy New York State comptroller; Michael Nelson, program director for Internet technologies, IBM; Albert Vann, chairman of the Assembly Corporations Committee; and James Aube of the New York State Department of State.