Ensuring online privacy


Director of Communications

Council members are invited to a discussion of industry self-regulation of online privacy Tuesday, Nov. 10, in New York City.

The meeting is sponsored by the Online Privacy Alliance, a group of global corporations and associations committed to promoting principles that foster an online environment that protects individuals' privacy.

The purpose of the briefing is to introduce participants to the Online Privacy Alliance and its work to increase awareness of online privacy.

Online privacy is getting increasing attention at the national and state level. Trade problems may result from international differences on privacy.

The Alliance was formed in recognition of the fact that the commercial potential of the World Wide Web will be fully realized only if consumers trust the medium and believe that companies doing business electronically will protect the privacy of personal information.

The Alliance believes that industry self-regulation is the best approach to ensuring privacy protection. It holds that companies can operate in ways that encourage consumer confidence.

Speakers at the meeting will include representatives from: America Online; Bell Atlantic; Direct Marketing Association; Ernst & Young; IBM; Lexis-Nexis; and the United States Council for International Business.

The meeting will take place at the New York Information Technology Center at 55 Broad Street in Manhattan.

To RSVP, call Jennifer Nordheimer at 1-202/408-1400, ext. 257.