CONNECT Podcast Archive | Season 2

Season 2, Episode 19

Vice President of Transportation, US Chamber, Ed Mortimer

Episode 19 - Ed Mortimer - US Chamber

Ed Mortimer, Vice President, Transportation, and Infrastructure at the US Chamber, recently joined the podcast to discuss the federal infrastructure bill that passed the US Senate. Ed discusses where the bill currently sits on the House's priority agenda. We also breakdown details of the bill and specific impacts on New York State.



Season 2, Episode 18

Former NY Mets & NY Yankees Pitcher Doc Gooden 

Episode 18 - Doc Gooden - Former NY Mets & NY Yankees Pitcher 

Former New York Met & New York Yankee pitcher Dwight "Doc" Gooden joined the podcast to talk about his life as a player and person. In July, Doc joined The Business Council's 13th Annual Golf Classic, then spent time talking about his career as a major league pitcher. Doc opens up about his drug use and how it impacted his career and life. Find out which milestones he missed because of his addiction. We also discuss baseball and the 1986 World Series. What happens if Bill Buckner fields the ball? The real reason he was so emotional after his 1996 no-hitter and who were the batters he wanted to face and didn't want to face.



Season 2, Episode 17

New York State Director of the Drug Policy Alliance Melissa Moore

Episode 17 - Melissa Moore - Drug Policy Alliance

Melissa Moore, New York State Director of the Drug Policy Alliance, recently joined the podcast to chat about legalized cannabis in New York State. We discuss how New York is not the first state but perhaps the "most ambitious" state with marijuana policies. We also examine realistic expectations for state projected revenues, employer protections, and how the federal government may use New York's law as a possible future national standard.



Season 2, Episode 16

The Empire Center, E.J. McMahon

Episode 16 - E.J. McMahon - The Empire Center

The Empire Center's E.J. McMahon joined the podcast to talk about the historic $212 billion New York State budget agreement. E.J. discusses how the spending in this budget compares to previous spending throughout State history and why this is a "turning point"  in New York's history. We also dive into the actual impacts of the SALT cap and who the cap most affected.



Season 2, Episode 15

President of The Restaurant Group, Jeremy Wladis

Episode 15 - Jeremy Wladis - The Restaurant Group

Jeremy Wladis, President of The Restaurant Group, and five different restaurants from New York City to Charlotte recently joined the podcast to discuss the pinch restaurants are feeling in New York City due to restrictions and the pandemic. Wladis also discusses the differences in restrictions from state to state, the current difficulties of operating in Washington DC, and how he survived the 2015 Amtrak train crash. 



Season 2, Episode 14

Barstool Sports Founder and President, Dave Portnoy

Episode 14 - Dave Portnoy - Barstool Sports

Barstool Sports founder and President, Dave Portnoy, joined the podcast to discuss his small business fundraising venture. To date he has helped raised almost $20 million for businesses struggling from the pandemic. The money has gone nationwide, including to a few businesses in New York State. He also dishes on the best pizza in New York.