A.8229 (Dinowitz) / S.5976 (Klein)


Director of Government Affairs


A.8229 (Dinowitz) / S.5976 (Klein)


Stolen Wireless Devices



This bill would obligate sellers of wireless devices to print a device's serial number and international mobile equipment identifiers on the written sales receipt provided to the purchaser and send an electronic receipt with that information to the purchaser. This requirement is unnecessary as that information is already provided to purchasers on wireless device packaging.

Additionally, this legislation establishes a new crime for businesses that possess wireless communication devices without documentation of the origins of the device. This provision is likely to ensnare honest businesses that operate reuse, recycle, exchange or repair programs.

Unfortunately, this legislation is likely to criminalize good business owners, while doing little to curtail smartphone theft.

In conclusion, the legislation provides only nineteen days for businesses to develop a system and protocol to avoid possible criminal penalties. The Business Council of New York State strongly oppose the advancement of this legislation.