A.7340-A (Farrell) / S.5323-A (Maziarz)


Vice President of Government Affairs


A.7340-A (Farrell) / S.5323-A (Maziarz)


Business Rapid Response to State Disasters



The Business Council supports this legislation that would allow employers to refrain from collecting state and local taxes on specialized out-of-state employees who work to repair critical infrastructure during an emergency crisis. This would be a tremendous benefit for workers who repair cell towers, phone lines, pipelines, electrical networks and other infrastructure. This bill will help ease critical infrastructure recovery efforts and give affected employers a level of certainty about the rules and process when responding to a New York disaster.

Because of the temporary nature of the work and the need for rapid response to help in recovery efforts, this bill recognizes the need to have a simple process that frees employers and employees from having to register, file or remit state and local taxes or be subject to any licensing requirements. Instead those employees can pay those taxes in their home states.

Removing these barriers to the deployment of business resources will get the needed staff to New York communities in need in a timely fashion while reducing the disincentives of burdensome paperwork and filing requirements for employers.

For these reasons we strongly support the enactment of A.7340-A/S.5323-A.