S.2450 (Flanagan) / A.4315 (Camara)


Vice President of Government Affairs


S.2450 (Flanagan) / A.4315 (Camara)


Charter School Students with Special Needs



The Business Council supports this legislation, which would enable charter schools to better serve students with special needs by authorizing charter schools—using their own operating funds—to contract with BOCES and authorizing charter schools to establish consortia to serve students at different locations.

Current law requires that charter schools make a "good faith efforts to attract and retain" students who are English language learners and those with disabilities. If enacted, this measure would allow for charter schools to serve a greater number of such special needs students.

Charter schools offer parents and students an alternative to poorly performing public schools. The Business Council supports measures that enable these entities to continue providing a quality education to students.

For these reasons, The Business Council is support legislative approval of S.2450/A.4315.