S.1853-A (Little) / A.6256-A (Magee)


Director of Government Affairs


S.1853-A (Little) / A.6256-A (Magee)


Excluding Temporary Farm Workers From Unemployment Insurance



The Business Council supports S.1853-A (Little) / A.6256-A (Magee) which provides an exemption for the payment of unemployment insurance on H2A visa temporary farm workers.

H2A visas are federally issued to people contracted to work on farms for positions that are federally mandated as temporary. Under federal law, H2A workers must go back to their countries origin after their contract of employment is finished.  Accordingly, these workers are not eligible to collect New York State unemployment insurance and under current law, farmers are contributing needlessly to unemployment insurance for employees who will never be eligible for the benefit.

This bill is a common sense approach to providing relief to an unnecessary expense incurred by many New York farmers.

For these reasons, The Business Council supports passage of S.1853-A (Little) / A.6256-A (Magee).