Crypto & Digital Assets Committee

crypto and digital assets


Director of Government Affairs

About the Committee

With the rise in cryptocurrency, digital assets and blockchain technology, it is important for our members to stay informed of ever-growing industry changes in this emerging market. While taking the lead in their existing capacities, our members will come to understand, and adjust to both market trends and the underlying economics of cryptocurrency/digital assets in New York State. As the government makes an attempt to get a better grasp on the widespread use of cryptocurrency and other forms of digital assets and the systems that go with them, we must be prepared to make our voices heard collectively, as legislators continue to try and overregulate the marketplace and cast a negative light on the industry and hamper business as whole.

This committee will serve as a platform to discuss legislation and regulation of the industry in New York, while sharing information and ideas that will contribute to the success of your business. We will hear from industry leaders in discussions that will give us a bird’s eye view of current market activity and the thinking behind regulatory actions.

For those who wish to join the Community Engagement Committee, you may do so by contacting Joseph Alston.