S.6608 (Zeldin) / A.8992 (Dinowitz)


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S.6608 (Zeldin) / A.8992 (Dinowitz)


Use of Social Security Numbers



The Business Council supports this legislation, which would prohibit non-governmental entities from requiring individuals to provide their social security number, unless for one of several designated purposes, including but not limited to instances where required by federal, state or local law; is required for a credit-related transaction initiated by the individual; for purposes of employment, such as administration of a benefit or claim; and where the individual consents to such disclosure. 

This legislation is an attempt to address concerns about the unauthorized exposure of Social Security numbers, and the resultant risk to personal privacy protection and the potential for identity theft.

The federal Privacy Act of 1974 requires federal, state and local governmental agencies requesting SSNs to cite its formal legal authority, reveal whether disclosure is mandatory or voluntary and explain how the number will be used. Enactment of this bill would extend this protection to the private sector.

We believe this legislation strikes a workable balance between providing privacy protection to individuals and accommodating legitimate business needs.  Therefore, The Business Council supports its adoption.