S.6054-A (Maziarz) / A.8904 (Heastie)


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S.6054-A (Maziarz) / A.8904 (Heastie)


Chapter Amendment to Mail-Order Prescription Law



The Business Council of New York State, Inc. supports S.6054-A/A.8904, which is a chapter amendment to Chapter 597 of the Laws of 2011.  

Broadly speaking, The Business Council opposes enactment of additional health insurance mandates, as they drive up the cost of health insurance premiums for New Yorkers who access coverage in the commercial market.

While The Business Council opposed enactment of Chapter 597, it acknowledged in its letter of opposition to the Governor that it could support the bill if amendments to the bill were made which would address cost-shifting issues that would directly impact prescription drug rider premiums. 

The language in this chapter amendment addresses our concerns and for these reasons, The Business Council supports enactment of S.6054-A/A.8904.